Wednesday, February 20, 2008

my dad's funeral is tomorrow at 11 o'clock am.

my mom and i are packed and ready to go. we will be driving to Maryland after the service. My dad is going to be buried in the cemetery of St. Lutheran Church "the Cove," Accident, MD. He served there for 10 years and that congregation was a blessing to him in more ways than I can even talk about.

The funeral arrangements have all been made. Everything was quite easy. What a relief. My mom and I are both ready for a break. It has been a long four weeks, but we are both doing well. We're tired, but feel okay. We're mainly tired.

I hope I can blog from the road, but I'm not sure I'll have internet access.

The funeral service comes from the Lutheran Service Book. Its a beautiful service.

As I said earlier, he will be buried in Accident, MD. There will be commital service done in the church because its going to be very cold. That is going to be officiated by a man that my father supported and helped get into seminary.

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