Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just Stopping In

Its cold outside.  Bitter cold.  Its the kind of cold, that if there is wind, it finds the proverbial hole in your pants.  Yes, its that cold.  I like cold weather, but a friend of mine said something, somewhat off-handedly that made me feel a bit bad when I said I liked cold weather.  She said, that's nice, I don't work outside.  That stopped me in my tracks.  I don't have to work outside.  I work inside, second floor, reference room, University Library.  I'm inside right now.  I'm wearing a pair of shorts and it is, according to WTHR's homepage 7 degrees outside.  Single digits... yummy.

Supposedly, the tempeture is going to be somewhere in the area of zero and, if we're lucky, in the negatives.  I like cold weather, I do.  I enjoy it more than hot weather.  I had my fill of hot weather when I lived in Texas.  If I never hear the phrase "heat index" again, it will be much too soon.  

I haven't update this blog in ages.  There hasn't been much going on, lately.   I've been working and paying bills; I did start to re-read the Harry Potter series.  Currently, I am about half-way through the first book.  I applied for a "tenure track" librarian position at the University Library.  I am in a pool of about 60 people or so.  I guess we'll see what happens with that.

Other then that, nothing much to say.  I just thought I'd stop by this little slice of cyber heaven and kick the walls a bit and maybe rattle the cages.  I hope all is well in your real and cyber worlds.

Blessings to all.