Friday, December 19, 2008

Boom-Boom Down

I did something this morning that I haven't done in a long time: I slipped and fell on some ice. I landed hard on my left hip. I didn't hurt myself, at least not that I feel, but I think I might of tweaked my back a little when I landed. I guess we'll see what happens as the day progresses. It was that proverbial "black ice," or clear ice. I didn't see it and before I knew it, boom, down I went. I think I jammed my finger as I caught myself more than I hurt my hip.

It what happens, when its been cold enough to freeze outside for a few days and then we have a night's worth of rain. Everything melts, save for a few spots here and there and I just happend to hit one of the "here's and there's" this morning.

The library, for all intense and purposes is in hybernation mode. Its the intersession between semesters so no one is really around. It is very quiet and a tad lonely, but I have been able to get somethings done.

Other than that, not much is happening in my slice of cyber-heaven.

Monday, December 15, 2008

A Post of No Note

I get to work sixty hours this week.  If you count this past saturday and tack it on to this week, it'll be sixty-eight.  I worked last night for an eight hour shift and I can tell, that I've grown soft.  I lost my retail legs.  I've been limping around today, favoring my left leg a bit.  The retail legs will come back soon enough.  

I'm sitting in the library, at the reference desk.  Its the tailend of the semester, the last day of finals, so I feel just a tad superfulious.  The usual steady traffic has dwindled to a slow trickle, if that.  Even the coffee kiosks are closed.  

Is it possible that Christmas is less than two weeks away?  Wow.  This year really has flown by.  

I'm sipping on a cup of coffee that was just brewed by one of the librarians.  It has helped, perk me up, pun not intended.  And, I just spilled some on my shirt, way to go DWC, way to go.  If it wasn't so warm in the library, I'd go get my sweater and put it on.

Not much is happening in my little slice of heaven I call Indiana.  Its cold, but that's expected.  I am doing the ubiquitous "talking to a girl" and am in the process of tweaking the resume for submission.  Just your basic life.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas Decoration

My mom and I have really missed my dad the last two weeks, or so. Not in the crying our eyes out, mourning, putting on sackclothe kind of way. No, it was more of a "man, we miss him because he did this, or that to make things a little easier." Case in point: Christmas decorations. In years past we would take one day and get everything up. I would up the tree, my dad would sit on the couch and untangle lights and my mom would be setting up other decorations in other rooms. Then, as I put lights on he would take out the tree ornaments, put them in an upturned boxtop and shoo the cats away from the pretty red rounds ones. And then he and I would put the ornaments on and be done by dinner.

This year it took my mom and I longer to get the stuff up. Almost a week. We did it when I was home from work. I put up the tree and the lights one day and then over the course of two or three days we put the ornaments on. Our house was awash with Christmas decoration boxes (plastic tubs we bought at WalMart a few years back).

The decoration is done, now. The plastictubs are back in the shed, and our house is somewhat festive. The tree, artificial, fills the picture window in front and the light reflect in the windwo itself. The cats sit under the tree and wrestle from time to time for possession of the tree.

Its a new Christmas time. A different feeling. Not so much sadness, but the feeling of missing something, or in this case, someone.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Cranium-sized Thermometer

My head is a barometer. Really, it is. A cranial shaped barometer. I can tell if the air pressure has gone up or down just by how my head feels. The weather changes drastically, I'm going to have a headache. The weather turns rainy for a while, my sinuses will run like Seabiscuit on the homestretch.

Today, I have a fairly unpleasant throb in my noggin. Its not a migraine, thank God, but its more of a knot in the head kind of feeling. I just want it to go away. It doesn't help that I have a flat screen monitor in front of my face. As a matter of fact, as I type this I'm not looking at the screen. I'm going by touch and hoping for the best. I'm not srue why flatscreen monitors have to be so bright. I mean thy really are almost too bright.

I get to eat lunch soon, maybe that will help. I'm going to gym later on today, that probably won't help.