Monday, December 31, 2007

In Which Your Faithful Narrator Talks About an Upcoming Dentist Visit

Going to the dentist is always so much fun. I think the expectation of going to the dentist is actually worse than the actual experience. I think I am in the majority of Americans that find the idea of going the dentist frightening, to say the least. Of course, the sadistic dentist scene from Little Shop of Horrors doesn't help much.

I'm only going for a cleaning and a check-up, but I'm sure I'll end with a "you've got a cavity in your wisdom teeth." Yes, I have my wisdom teeth, all four of them. I have a "big mouth" according one dentist I went to a few years back, so there is plenty of room in my gob for all those teeth. Also, I didn't have braces a kid, I guess that's important. I remember when my wisdom teeth came in. It didn't hurt that much, a little ache, but that was it. I was actually pretty happy about that because I saw what my friends went through when they had their ripped out and I wasn't down with that at all.

So, I sit here, visualizing that worst possible cased scenerios of sadistic dentists.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

In Which Your Faithful Narrator Discusses Character Flaws

i feel like a cheater right now. i have publicly stated in the past that coffee is not a chemistry experiment, and i truly believe that. coffee should be had black. no froo-froo'ness for me. no, sir. i disdain the "coffee based drink" that is actually nothing more than a coffee flavored (if you're lucky) milk shake. no, friends, i drink my coffee black. i drink my coffee straight. i drink my coffee unemcombered by the fruit of the bovine teet or the sugar cane. but this morning, as i looked out the window and see an arctic wonderland of ice and snow, i caved, with my third cup of coffee and made it into a chemistry experiment: i added the afforementioned fruits. the result? a sweetened concoction that is not coffee, but a sweetened, brownish liquid that ceased resembling coffee the moment i twirled my spoon to mix it all up. so, in a moment of weakness i made myself a hypocrite, but i own up to it and beg for thy grace and forgiveness.

i woke up this morning a little before nine. emma was curled in a ball on my bed, by feet, her tail wrapped around her and the tip touched her forehead, though, i'm not really sure cats have forheads. perhaps it is best to say "the slope of her head just past her ears." i woke, my mouth slightly cotton-bally from the lack of water during the night and my hair askew in strange un-geometric positions, and looked out the window to see that old man winter had indeed visited my own little slice of heaven as i slumbered. i got out of bed and hit the kitchen in search of my first infusion of the last great legal drug, made my bagel and egg (i broke a yoke, damn) and commenced to watch some sports center. my monring ritual, if you will. i was able to see footage of the snow fall occuring in new england this morning. my, i think i'd rather watch that game from the warmth of a bar stool or my living room than in the stands, but, since i am admitting to character deficiencies this morn, i'll own up to one more: i'm a wimp and proudly so! the idea of being in the stands watching a football game freezing my ass off does nothing, absolutely nothing for me. the sheer thought makes my feet turn into size 10 ice cubes. no, droogies, i would most assuredly rather watch the game from the warmth of that nice round bar stool, or comfy soft (yes, i used the words "comfy soft") couch.

but worrying about the game is actually quite silly because i won't be able to watch it any way. i have to work this evening. i don't mind. this time of year is fun to work in retail. yeah, you read that right, too. i said fun. i don't mind working tonight because i have tomorrow off and i'm going out with beth. we are going christmas shopping tomorrow. not for each other, but together. at least we decided that last night as we talked on the phone. but strange things happen with our schedules. but i'm going to give it another go with her.

i'll have to get myself bundled up soon, go outside and try and shovel the ice and snow from the walk way so that it will all blow back and my labor shall be for naught. ah, pisswah.

Friday, December 14, 2007

In Which Your Faithful Narrator Laments

I don't much like the job hunting process. I just don't. My self-confidence doesn't like it either. I feel a bit like I'm prostituting myself everytime I send my resume or fill out an application (I did both today). And forget about the cover letter. That really makes my head spin. I still think the best way to get a job is to walk up to the person in charge and say "I'd like to work here." Bossman says "Okay, you're hired." That would make life so much easier and my whole self-confidence thing would be much stronger, I think.

I applied for, believe it or not, a children's services librarian position today. Believe it or not, I'm not desperate, but I think it might be fun. I will keep applying until I find something. I haven't heard back from the IMCPL, yet, I have called them, but I left a message and the lady I interviewed with never called me back. I don't know if I should take that as a sign for good or bad. I'm leaning towards naught.

Onward and forward, right?

Friday, December 07, 2007

In Which Your Faithful Narrator Bemoans Straws on the Camel's Back

Its tough to keep positive sometimes. Its tough to keep a sunny disposition. I've been somewhat depressed today after having to have my car fixed. The fact that I haven't heard from the library that I interviewed with last week has started to gnaw on my subconscious.

I believe whole heartedly in "God's Plan." I believe that God has a plan for my life. I just wish he'd let me on the next act a bit sooner. I'd like to know my cue, if you will. Of course, I'm not even sure I'm in this scene... I'll stop with the theater analogy. I think you get my meaning, though.

I'll just keep on truckin.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

In Which Your Faithful Narrator Gets Tagged by Winter Weather

I had a small accident yesterday morning on my way to work. I didn't hit any one or really damage the body of my car. Instead, I did a bit of a number on my front end alignment, to the tune $414.25. That is actually 24.74 cheaper than the original estimate. It was low impact collision with a curb that caused the damage. I was turning into the parking lot of the mall that I work at and as I turned my wheel my car slid (we had a snow storm yesterday that dropped about 2-3 inches of heavy wet snow). I wasn't going much faster than 10 miles an hour, or so. I know that I am supposed to "stear into the skid" but when there is only a foot or two of space between the time the skid starts and the car's tire bump the sidewalk there isn't much time for anything other than bracing for impact. It was a bit jarring, but I was able to continue driving okay.

After work I went straight to the Chevy dealer and had them look at it. I was hoping it was nothing more than a simple realignment (50 bucks) but it wasn't, obviously. As I drove it to the dealership there was a strange humming coming from the wheels and I had to keep my stearing wheel at a weird angle in order to keep my car going straight. The thing that really burns my biscuits is I just had my car's front end realigned less than three weeks ago! Gah! I guess I just can't win for losing, huh?

Here's what it looked like outside my window this morning:
outside 1

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

In Which Your Faithful Narrator Jones a Bit

I wrote the other day about the interview I had at the library in downtown Indy. I think I wrote about how much I really want the job-- if for no other reason than the beautiful building and the view. Well, the Indianapolis Star had a pull out section about the libray today. You can click here to see some panoramas of the new building and the view. I haven't heard anything yet, but I'm still hoping and praying and you know what they say: no news is good news.

Monday, December 03, 2007

In Which Your Faithful Narrator Discusses His Barking Dogs

My dogs are barking. Not actually dogs, because I don't have any dogs, but my feet. They are aching a bit. That's what happens in retail at Christmas time. Running hither and yon. Trying to help three customers at once. Making sure I get that display up right now! The phone rings. Answer it. Put the customer on hold. Look for their book while someone else asks me where their book is. Yes, its a lovely time.

I'm tired, hungry, and a bit grumpy. I hope the library calls soon.