Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You Like Me, Really?

I don't think I'll ever quite get used to the ease in which the internet works. I stopped by this here little blog and clicked on the counter. It seems that yesterday I had six people stop and poke around. That's kind of a big deal to me, I'm not a huge blogger, I don't post very often, something I keep meaning to fix, but never seem to really get around to. My counter usually tells me that one or two people visited, but six in one day? Wow.
The search terms people use to find my blog are intriquing and, at times, a tad weird. For example:

male gas pedal pumping
disgruntled world citizen
pictures of the full colts team
blogger male pedal pumping
wiseblood pttm blogspot
give the ball to calhoon
pedal pumping male
ipz chaplain
fullthrottle landline
gas tank for church
how to drain petrol tank
work to empty a tank
pedal on the metal phrase
poem dying with gas tank empty
pedal pumping scenes from tamil movies
male pedal pumping
Pedal to the Metal
rev udhayanesan raji
gas tank words

I know that somewhere along the line I've blogged about many of those topics, except for the "pedal pushing." I have discovered through prior "research" (that is I've Googled those very words because they kept appearing in the section of my counter that tells me what keywords people have used to find my blog) that "pedal pushing" is actually a fetish. Who knew? I certainly didn't. The most interesting thing about the keywords is the "rev udhayanesan raji" he is a pastor at the church I attend. He is part of a mission outreach to the Indian community here in Indianapolis (Indian, meaning from India). I also get a kick out of folks that find my blog because they are wondering what "happens when the gas tank is empty" or "what happens when sugar is put into a gastank" or "how do you know your gastank is empty?"

I started reading a book the other day, This Book is Overdue, a brandnew book about librarianship. The author writes about how librarians took to the web, particularly "younger" ones. She write extensively about librarians and their blogs many of the ones she wrote about can be found here. I don't read them as much as I should, or have in the past, but they are still worth checking out from time to time. Its been an interesting book to read and I've learned a lot. It'll probably end up in my personal library before long.

I don't write much about librarianship in this blog, come to think of it I don't blog much about anything anymore. But I'm not sure if I did blog on librarianship I'd be able to add much that hasn't already been said. I do think it is important for librarians to blog and discuss what's going on. We need to make a lot of noise and chatter. Librarians are on the vanguard, whether they like it or not.