Friday, February 01, 2008

In Which Your Faithful Narrator Narrates

There was no snow today. Ice, yes. Slush, indeed. But snow? Not so much. The reason I bring this up is that according to the weatherman last night we were in for it. I mean, we were really in for it. The predictions dire. The rhetoric bordered on end-or-the-world-every-man-for-themselves kind of stuff. And yet, not much came of it. I think the nasty weather went more north. I'm sure 3rdWorst got it good, but not us. Oh we have some bluchy slushy, icy white stuff on the ground that crunches a bit when you walk on it, but not the blizzard they seemed to be predicting last night. Am I complaining? It probably sounds like it, but in fact, I'm not. I'm not the least bit disappointed we didn't get inundated with significant snowfall; but, truth be told, I'd rather have snow than that ugly ice. It is warmer than it was last week.

I'm sitting in the law library right now. Its quiet in here. I think a good many people got scared away by the nasty snow talk. Its going to be a long night. One of those nights that I have to find things for myself to do. I can do that, but I'd rather not. The clock seems to tick slower when that happens.

My dad is continuing to improve. He is doing very well. His right side is a bit weak. But his intellectual facilities seem to be okay and that is important. He's able to read and think and talk and knows what's going on. Its site better than it was this time two weeks ago. Man, has it been two weeks since the stroke-incident? How time flies.

I started my taxes last night. I'm shocked at how much I don't make. I once read that one should make at least a thousand dollars a year for the age they are. In other words; if you are twenty-five, you should make 25,000 dollars a year, if you are forty-eight, you should make 48,000. Sadly, I don't make anywhere near my age. Its quite ugly, actually and not a little scary. But it makes me angry, too. I've worked for the company I work for going on eight years, I should make more than I do. It just seems criminal, almost. And yet, for some reason, I'm actually quite happy. I'm doing okay, sort of. I'm not sure I wouldn't have the same problems I have now if I made more money. I'd probably have more problems. In short, this just shows me that I do have to find better and more fulfilling employment.

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thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

To do that and still work for your company you'd probably need to either manage a store or work for corporate. A sad fact of retail, I guess. Still, glad you're seeing this as motivation.