Friday, September 28, 2007

In Which Your Faithful Narrator Scratches His Head and Asks "What Just Happened?"

Okay, the New York Mets completed the most spectacular end-of-season meltdown last night. How is that two weeks ago they were seven and half games in first place and after last night, they are down a game, with two games left, behind the Phillies? My little noodle of a brain doesn't compute that; to make matters worse... the Chicago Cubs clinched their division. Pretty soon pigs may fly, watch the skies.

There is still a chance that the Mets will be able to pull something off, but now it is imcombent on the Philies tripping up. If the Phillies lose and the Mets win tonight they will be tied up. Then, tomorrow, if the Mets win and the Phillies lose the Mets will win the division. I was reading an article on about the various scenerios that might emerge in the National League. Let's just say it sounded an awful lot like a football playoff schedule... if so and so wins, then they'll have to play such and such here, but if whoie-what-is wins, they'll play such and such at home... it was quite confusing, but also the excitement of a crazy playoff season did increase.

But the question remains: how did the Mets meltdown? That shouldn't of happened. They have been in first place, comfortably, for most of the season, something like 135 games... and yet, here at the end they are fighting for ever loving lives... I don't know, all I can say is:


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