Monday, October 01, 2007

In Which Your Faithful Narrator Looks at the World Somewhat Stunned

"The Mets meltdown is complete." I read that in the sports section of the paper today. "The Mets Meltdown is complete," indeed, how true. Losing something like 15 of their last 17 games, going one and six in a seven game home stand... does nothing, not when the team in second place is winning games when your team is losing. So, the Mets who lead the National League East for most of the summer, I think something like 85 or 90 days, fell apart, and that's putting it nicely. Self-destructed says it better.

Looking at the boxscores this morning I had to do a couple double takes. The last few years, I've automatically, in my mind, given two spots to the Yankees and the Red Sox. They are usually givens for postseason play, actually, I'm almost bored with those two teams. But the rest of the boxscores are something different.

You've got Cleveland atop the AL Central division and the Angeles atop the AL West. Those two teams in and of themselves aren't that surprising. In recent years both have had access to the Big Dance calle postseason, and the Angeles, with their little rally monkeys actualy took home the trophy a few years back, if my memory serves correctly.

Them over on the National League side of things we have Philidelphia (cursed Philidelphia), Chicago, and Arizona atop their respective divisions (East, Central, and West). The NL wildcard will be decided via one game playoff tonight: Colorado Rockie and the San Diego Padres.

Who to root for. I can't in good conscience root for the Phillies. They unseated my team (okay, okay, my team unseated themselves, but that is neither here nor there) I refuse to root for the Cubs, I have a long standing dislike for the Cubs and the only time I'll watch the Cubs on tv is when they are playing the Mets. I may root for Arizona, but I don't know much about them, though, they did beat the Yankees for the World Series Championship in 2001.

I can't root for the Yankees. No selfrespecting Mets fan lets themselves do that. It's just not done. Now, I feel alright about rooting for Cleveland, but I generally don't root for AL teams because of my dislike of the Designated Hitter rule.

So, the Mets are done. Gone. Out. They played the worst baseball in history, period. Their Meltdown is one for the books. But you know something, their my team... and I'm wearing their colors right now.

Go Mets! 2008 awaits.

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