Saturday, September 22, 2007

In Which Your Faithful Narrator Writes Disparaging Remarks About Baby Lawyers

Sometimes the Baby Lawyers drive me to drink. Really. They can be so needy and are so entitled, I find myself wanting to line them up against the wall and walk down said line smacking each one of them. Oh, they aren't all bad, but you know the phrase about bad apples ruining the batch, right? I just had to go up the stairs and tell one Baby Lawyer to either stop talking on his cellphone in the stairwell or take said conversation outside. He waved his hand at me like I was a gnat. Good thing I'm a righteous fellow, luckily he did stop talking so he's not echoing throughout the library. Yesterday I was in the restroom. There was roll of toilet paper on the floor. While I was in there, three or four other guys either came in or left (not all washed their hands, by the by) not a one of them leaned over and picked up the paper. I did when I left, but come on folks, is it that hard to lean over and pick something up?

Oh, then there's the *scorn in voice* Law Review Baby Lawyers. I think they think they walk on water, piss rosewater, and their sweat don't stink. In other words their entitlement quotient goes through the roof. Can't take food into the library... oh, I'm law review... can't take a bottle of Coke into the library... oh, I'm Law Review... so what? But I have to let them go because their law review... gah! Drives me batty.

I'm sitting at the circ desk tonight. I'm closing the library down tonight. Yeah, so exciting. So, I'm I just chilling and surfing the internet and clicking on "the next blog" link atop the screen. That can be dangerous, one never knows when one will land upon a risque blog, most have been in a foreign language so I can't read them any way.

IU lost to Illinois today. Ball State almost beat Nebraska (lost by one point, that would of been an upset) and West Virginia manhandled East Carolina. And the Baby Lawyers are really starting to bug the hell outta me.

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