Friday, September 14, 2007

In Which Your Faithful Narrator Proves There is Neither Rhyme Nor Reason How His Blog is Found

gas story pedal pumping
gas tank games
empty gas tank
eat words colts football mouth
full throttle problems
harman family accident maryland
full throttle ministry
night train gas tank
seems to be in full throttle
science the thing which shucks the gas up
how long will my car last on empty
empty car fuel tank
people pushing a car empty on gas
a man said to the universe crane biblical reference
pedal pumping in sandals
meaning of 'puttin the pedal to the metal'
car troubleshoot empty gas
picture of a gas tank empty
watch kelly faith and cougar at the saints game
car tank empty
gas tank has been empty for 3 years

I am fascinated by the keywords people use to find this blog. Now, I'm sure the majority of those that fall on this blog don't stop and read it, there's good reason for that, *chuckles*.

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