Wednesday, September 05, 2007

In Which Your Faithfaul Narrator Recounts His Strangely Boring Yet Uncomfortably Weird Day and In Which He Uses the Word "Tizzy"

Last night after leaving the law library I drove home, I was trying not to be mad, but I couldn't help it. I am having some issues with my other job, not the law library, and they are starting to really cause me angst and make me rethink the whole "lets stay with this company for a long, long time" thing (I should of put dashes between those words, since in fact it was not a quotation, but more of a compound word kind of thing, but that would take more work than it is worth and I'm just not in the mood). So, by the time I got home I had worked myself into quite a tizzy. I was just put off and angry and I was fired up because I had worked in the law library and that's what I really want to do. But that's neither here nor there.

In an effort to calm myself down I got bowl of chocolate chip ice cream and turned on the boob-tube and, believe it or not, there wasn't a single thing on. Though, I did fall upon an infomercial that touted the benefits of a wonder drug that supposedly added inches to "that particular male organ" and I quite enjoyed the man-on-the-street interviews with couples whose male half just happened to be using the product, whew, thank god for that. It was interesting for about ten minutes, but even the pretty chick doing the interviews couldn't keep my interest. I eventually went to bed, filled with ice cream and a bit more relaxed than I started.

Today was an interesting day, though boring, to a point. My cousin, Chris, lives in a part of town that I generally don't go to. It is, I wouldn't call it a ghetto, but a more PC term might be "economically challenged," or "depressed." It looks like maybe fifty years ago it might of been a happening place, but time and money seem to have passed it by. My cousin lives in this area because he can afford it and its close to work for him. His parents, my aunt and uncle, decided to buy him Direct TV or the DishNetwork, there's a story behind it, but its not that important. Since my aunt and uncle are out of town (Florida) we were asked if we could go to his apartment and meet the installer. We did. It wasn't creepy, per se, but I certainly felt that I didn't belong there. There was a guy in a second floor apartment that was watching us through his window, he tried to be inconspicuous, but he didn't do a very good job. I kept catching him watching us and then he decided to use a mirror, he sat just on the side of the window and held out a small mirror watching us, I was able to see it out of the corner of my eye and I look up, he'd pull the mirror back quickly, usually bumping the window sill in the process. It would of been funny if it didn't add to the discomfort level I had.

When the installer guy finally got there, I had to into Chris' apartment, that was creepy, too. I had to unlock a couple doors and I again had spectral shadow-people watching me. One guy named, so he said, Chris, walked up to me to see if I was moving in. I said I was just there to help my cousin. For some reason, I felt really uncomfortable in the whole situation. My cousins apartment is nice, rundown, but nice. Its a one bedroom affair with the living room and kitchen kind off attached into a big room. His small bathroom is off from his bedroom. The longer I stayed in the apartment, though, I just wanted to get out. I started pacing back and forth, sweating (no AC).

When I was finally able to leave I drove through Indy and I had to make sure I avoided the Circle (Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument) because its closed down and on lockdown because of the big show they are going to have tomorrow night for the NFL, from what I understand you'll be able to see it on national TV. I may go and check it out, I'll see how I feel after work tomorrow.

Now, I'm sitting in the computer lab of the law library. Its cool here. The AC is going and there are only two people in here with me: a girl in a red hoodie shirt looking at some kind of anatomy program and some guy two rows down on the left looking something on the internet, I'm not sure what. Either way, I'm a bit more comfortable.

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