Tuesday, September 04, 2007

In This Episode Your Faithful Narrator Admits to Being a Wimp and a Scardey-Cat All In One Entry

My blog is the home for sexual deviants. I have proof. I'm not sure why they find my blog, but they do. I seem to be a stop off point for searches that deal with "pedal pushing," which seems, after some very cautious, careful, and brief research has led me to believe that it is, it you will, a subcategory of foot fetishism. Weird. I could've, if I so wanted, gotten video of some red toenail painted women pushing on a brake pedal. The only reason I know that was an "enticing" still picture was posted of said red painted toe. I declined the offer.

I know that just writing about this will allow more pedal pushing fetishists to find my little slice of blog-heaven.

I have decided that this little blue marble we inhabit is indeed a weird place. Its simple to see that with the traffic I get. I should probably do a "how you find me" post again. Those are always enlightening. At least to me they are and I'll admit at times I'm a wee bit flumuxed and at others I am somewhat aghast, and a time or two I've been agog at the keywords and searches folks use to find me. Can you tell that I'm bored and I've gotten the writing bug suddenly. Thirdworst will be so proud, or maybe just perplexed by my sudden literary output, its not literary, but it is output.

For fun earlier, I went to a website for roommates. I have a dream, I'm not sure why, well I do, but I'll get to that some other time, about living in New York City, or one of the boroughs (particularly Brooklyn). I was looking at roommate postings and I found a few that looked interesting, but I have a couple problems. The first and this is the regular refrain to my life's verse is this: I ain't got the scratch to do something as harebrained as move to New York City, much less live there. The second thing is this: I'm a scaredy cat. I'm a wimp. I'm 33 years old and I'm scared to death do something like that. Though, I have come close to sending my resume to the New York City Public Library and the Brooklyn Public Library. When I even thought that I had the weird sensation of being atop the high dive...

Why am I such a schnook?

So, instead of picking up stakes and doing something like that, I read books about New York and watch movies about New York (the Rick Burns New York Documentary is a favorite). Another is the book (short essay really) entitled Here is New York, by EB White.


thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Of course you're scared about picking up and moving away like that. Most people are. What matters is overcoming that fear and doing it anyway -- it'll be scary at first, and I'm sure there will be days you'll regret it. But most likely you'll eventually thank yourself for it.

Cup said...

I get all the Google hits for "stripper shoes" and "stripper songs." Don't ask me why .......

I want to live in NYC one day, too! Maybe we can find a cheap flat and be fantasy roomies.