Monday, October 10, 2005

Questions Answered, That is, If You Had the Questions to Begin With

I had a beer and wings lunch with Dave, over at "Hot Under the Collar." He is a fairly new Lutheran Blogger. We shared a mess of 30 wings and a pitcher of beer, a good lunch.

He started asking about my blog and how it came about and I figure if one has the questions many others might, too. So, I figure I might as well fill in the blanks.

Here is how I became a "loofrin." Its a cute story. Dave asked me how I came up with "disgruntled world citizen." I am not overly disgruntled about anything, actually. It started out as a handle I used on a chatline, msn, I think. I just came up with the name somewhere along the line.

Why am I Disgruntled World Citizen here if I'm not all that disgruntled? Well, I originally started this blog as a back up to my online diary that I have been keeping for almost five years. It was on the fritz for a while and I felt the need to continue writing, I found out this place. When I set it up I decided that I wanted it to be something different than the online diary, so I figured to do that I needed a different "handle," if you will. I was already using Disgruntled World Citizen, so I just continued using it here.

How did I come up with the blog title of "Full Throttle & an Empty Gas Tank?" That I'm not so sure. I think its the irony of the statement. You can't go full throttle anywhere with an empty gas tank. It started out as a title to a book of peotry I had written (not published). It seemed to fit better on a blog than on the cover of a book of poetry.

Why is the address to my blog "da-ipz" instead of "fullthrottle" or something like that? This, again, comes from the fact that this blog started as an extension of sorts of my online diary. The title of my online diary is The Intellectual Petting Zoo. So, I made the address "" because I knew I'd be able to remember that easier than anything else.

There you have it. Answers to questions you never knew you had.

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TKls2myhrt said...

That "loofrin" story is a classic! I vote for your full-time use of that moniker. I think it is a better description of you. Wish me luck entertaining the troops as well as you did with your Lutheran Carnival introductions! The bar has been set very high.