Saturday, October 22, 2005

Just Catching Up a Bit

I must thank Cyber-stones. I seem to get more traffic to my blog from them any where else. I'm not sure why, but I do appreciate the fact that they have me listed on their "links we like" list, or whatever it is called. I'm surprised they link my blog because it certainly is not as erudite as others I read, sometimes, I think it's a bit childish and shallow.

Last night, when I came home from work I was informed that Starbucks will be putting quotes from Rick Warren on their coffee cups as part of their The Way I See It program. I don't very often go to a Starbucks coffee joint because I get my "fix" for halfprice when I'm at work. I have some serious sticker shock when I have to pay 1.62 for a "tall" a regular, run of the mill cup of coffee. I can handle 81 cents much better. The coffee seems to taste better when its cheaper any way.

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