Saturday, October 08, 2005

In This Case the "We" Should Probably Read "I"

I like watching my cat. I learn alot about things and can make "connections" about other things when I watch him just be a cat. Recently I started thinking about the relationship we have. That probably sounds silly, but its no sillier than talking about having a relationship with God, is it? I look at it this way: to my cat I am a god. He prays to me, or my father, when its time for him to eat, that is he meows his little furry head off until one of us breaks down and feeds him. When he is satisfied he thanks us by climbing out lap and purring. And if we don't do what he wants fast enough he will let us know by other means.

Isn't that way it is with our relationship with God? We pray to God and ask for daily bread and we receive it. When we are happy with things we like to curl up in God's lap and feel good about things. When things turn bad or we get tired of God we bite him and run away. We like it when God rubs our belly and picks us up, or scratches us behind the ears (in metaphysical sort of way, please understand), but when we get tired of it, we push him away. If we don't get what we want we sulk or give God dirty looks.

This is probably, in someway, heretical. Comparing the relationship I have with God to that of the relationship I have with my cat is probably overly simplistic, but it just kind of fits with my world view.

Well, my little four legged sinner is tearing around the house, I'll try and stop him.

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