Monday, October 03, 2005

Full Throttled Organs

A few years we received in the mail a set of cd's from Thrivent. Enclosed were five cd's full of hymns. Each disk highlighted a century of Lutheran Hymnology. The first disk is 16th century, the second 17th, third 18th, and so on. There is a sixth disk that has a history of hymnology. I am not sure why we got it all I know is that I love it. I find that I am particularly addicted to disks three and four (17th and 18th century). As I type this I am listening to the 18th century disk.

I wrote a few a few posts back about my thoughts on hymns and how they make me feel. This disk I am listening to is just so beautiful, I believe I am listening to a Bach piece.

To me there is nothing quite as worshipful (if I may use that term) than a full throttled (dig the pun) organ filling a church with sound. I remember one night I was walking back to my dorm after working late at the library at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis (aka The Big House) I was walking across campus I heard the sound of the organ pulsating from the chapel. Someone was practicing for a Bach concert later on the week. I just stopped and listened and was transported. I don't think I have ever been so moved-- it was thrilling and enchanting and amazing all at the same time.

So, I find myself being drawn to these disks. I listen to them constantly. For some reason, the last two weeks these are the only disks I have listened to, they have filled my ears, my heart and my soul with... bliss... longing... comfort... I'm not quite sure of the word I am looking for, but it falls in that somewhere in the midst of those three...


jillymae said...

i heard the most beautiful arrangements of hymns on last nights Hearts of Space program on NPR. you should check out this CD: Epiphany:Meditations on Sacred Hymns / Jonn Serrie

i know i'm gonna buy it.

Jason Maroney said...

be careful. Thrivent embedded hidden messages in there "Fixed Annuities are good" - "I need more life insurance" - "Proprietary funds aren't as bad as they seem"