Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Here's Something You Should Read

As some of you may or may not know I am currently working on a Masters Degree in Library Science. I have just started it, but I have already gotten an idea that my politics and my chosen profession may bump into each other. This article, which was first published in the newest issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education certainly piqued my interest it was written by David Durant, a librarian in Greenville, South Carolina, he blogs here at Heretical Librarian. It certainly was enlightening article.

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Genuine Lustre said...

I live in a small town with a wonderful library that serves as the social hub of the town. Unfortunately, the library director is a flaming liberal. Many of the old favorite fiction books and some very interesting non-fiction has gone the way of the used book sale. In their place are the works of Michael Moore and Hilary Clinton and oodles of books on the environment.
I vote that you stay in the closet until you become the director someplace, and then purchase every conservative/orthodox Lutheran book you can find.