Thursday, August 02, 2007

How You Guys Find Me, Redux

how do i know if the gas tank is full
pedal pumping
what is a throttle pedal
pedal pumping in the movies
how to empty fuel tank
i was there to hear your borning cry
what happens if water in gas tank
time to empty a tank
bible passages i have a plan for you
bible quote i have a plan for you
full throttle porn (Huh?)
say he don't want the ball
putting salt in the gas tank
tank gas bed
pedal pumping myspace
how to clean sugar out of your gas tank
gas pedal fetish (I don't even wanna know)
how to empty gas tank
stomping on gas pedal fetish Okay. This is gettin out of hand
empty gas tank
woman thrashed cat'o nine tails I haven't the foggiest about that!
slacker st red
pedal pumping com
metal gas tank
reality pedal pumping
ginny weasley harry potter


thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

What I want to know about is

"i was there to hear your borning cry"

sounds like the first line to quite a poem.

loofrin said...

its actually the first line of a hymn.