Friday, July 27, 2007

A Movie Night

Last night I sort of took the night off. I had my homework done for the week and I didn't have much else to do, so I decided a movie would be good to watch. A few weeks back I bought Carnival of Souls, a weird, early 1960's horror movie that was filmed in Lawrence, Kansas and a place called Saltair that is right outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. I had bought but not gotten around to watching it, yet (that happens a lot, sadly). So I watched it and it really is kind of creepy, but it awfully campy, too. The creepy organ music really got to me, but I think that is because it was more shrill than anything else, the organ music is important because the main character of the film Mary Henry is an organist. If you get a chance and you have a couple hours, check it out. Its good (albeit, weird and campy) movie.

After I finished Carnival, I started to watch one of my favorite movies Kicking and Screaming but I started to fall asleep. For some odd reason, I just love that movie. If for no other reason than it has some great oneliners.

I watched those two movies last night because I wasn't in the mood to read a movie, i.e. a foreign film. Thought, I did almost watch 8 1/2, but I decided I wasn't in the mood for Fellini.

An aside: does anyone know of a good (fairly inexpensive) hotel in Ft. Wayne? I'll be in the Ft. in August for a conference and I'll need a place to stay. Just wondering. (Like anyone'll respond to that! lol)


thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

I can't do creepy right now.

tgeek said...

Carnival of Souls is actually in the public domain. You can watch the whole thing or download it here: