Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Next Two Days

I will bein Ft. Wayne on the 15th and 16th attending a conference. It is the Gederation of Genealogical Societys Conference. I took a genealogy class earlier in the summer and I enjoyed it. This is an annual conference. The reason it is being held in Ft. Wayne is Allen County Library has just completed a large scale remolding of their genealogy department. From what I understand, the genealogy library is the third biggest draw of tourist dollars they have in Allen County. I do know that the Allen County Library Genealogical branch is world known and rivals the Mormans.

I haven't been to Ft. Wayne in a long time, the last time I remember being there was when I was checking outt he seminary. I don't remember much of it other than it was just your typical small city in the midwest.

Well, that pretty much brings you up to date.

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thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Will this place tell me all about my roots? Because I know next to nothing.

Have fun, drive safely.