Friday, August 31, 2007

Law School Ramblings

My father and I went to a baseball game last night, we watched the Indianapolis Indians beat up on the Columbus Clippers (the New York Yankees farm team) by a score of 9-3. It was a beautiful night. I was afraid for a little while that it might rain, but it didn't. Turned into a wonderfully cool (tempeture wise and dad/son bonding wise) evening. The tickets cost us 13 bucks a piece, but I had two left over Tribe Tokens (which are kind of like gift certificates) that my aunt and uncle gave to me for a graduation present earlier in the summer. So, technically the tickets only cost us three bucks a piece, which was even nicer. The cool thing about Victory Field, though, is the view of downtown. Over the right field fence you can see the RCA Dome and the rest of downtown frames the rest of the outfield. It really is a beautiful scene.

The capper, though, for me was me winning 50 bucks. There was a message on the scoreboard that said "Text INDIANSWIN to (such and such a number) and you may win a prize!" so, I decided to be their huckleberry and texted indianswin and sure enough at the end of the game I checked my phone and I had a return text message that said I had won 50 bucks and I was to go to the guest relations office. I followed directions and was presented with a nice check for 50 bucks. It was nice getting something and I didn't even have to work at it except for some simple thumb maneuvering on my cellphone keyboard.

Right now, I am in the law library sitting at the circulation desk not doing much of anything. I'll be going home soon (around nine o'clock) and I'll get ready for bed so I can be up sometime around 0430 so I can be at the bookstore by 0600. I've been thinking about going to another baseball game tomorrow after work, but I'm not a hundred percent sure yet. I am going to be downtown on Thursday so I can see and maybe take part in the craziness that will be opening night of the NFL season. I won't be at the game, no tickets, but I will be digging on the crowd and such. There is a free concert at the Soldiers and Sailor Monument in the center of the city that I'll go check out even though I don't particularly care for the singers that are going to be there. It should be an experience.

I applied for another library position last night. I'm pretty sure I won't get it, I'm not all that qualified for it. The position is an assistant librarian that deals with the sciences. The last time I had a science class was in college... I think it was a biology class for the non-science major. But if nothing else, it will hopefully give me more practice in interviewing. I don't interview very often. I need to learn how to do it better and relax a bit in interviews.

I've been reading the Old Testament book Ezekiel recently. There is some stuff in there will blow your mind. It took me a few days to get over God equating the Jews to nothing more than a two dollar whore and then two chapters later telling them that he will do anything for them. I'll have to go back and get the verses I read. Talk about a mind spin!

Its almost that time, its almost time for me make like a baby and head out. I'll catch all of you on the flip side.

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