Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Is It Me, Or Does Genealogy Look Like its Being Mispelled?

I am sitting in a DaysInn, just off Route 69 in Ft. Wayne, IN. Why does that sound like the beginning of a bad, somewhat tastelss joke? Maybe because, to some it could very well be, to others it might be the set up to a very scary story. In fact, its neither. Its just the truth. I am sitting at a desk that is a bit too high for me to use my laptop comfortably, in a DaysInn just of Rt. 69.

I am attending the first two days of the Federation of Genealogical Societies. Said conference is being sponsored by Allen County Public Library. Today was called Librarians' Day. That is a free day (main reason why I'm here toda, actually). I got a nice tour of the new library here in Ft. Wayne... goodnight, is a beautiful building. I was awed. The genealogy room is more than impressive... its truly impressive. You have to know what you're doing in there in order to get anything done properly. Sure, you can go in the poke around and maybe get lucky with some information, but I'd reckon that the Allen County Genealogy room might be frightening to a rookie, it was to me and I wouldn't consider myself a rookie genealogist... maybe not a tested veteran, but I can work the ropes a bit.

The funny thing about Ft. Wayne to me is this: the one way streets. I don't have a problem getting to my motel from the library, its getting from my motel to the library that is a bit more difficult. I feel like I'm doing loop-de-loops and going around in circles as I navigate the one ways. I can see the library, but I always seem to be in the wrong lane and miss the turn, so I go around and around again. Not so bad, though, aside from the goofy oneway streets, Ft. Wayne isn't too bad.

I did a little genealogy research myself this evening, I didn't come very prepared, though, I don't have the requisite first pieces of info one needs, mainly Names and dates and if possible places. I have a few names in my head, but not the dates. I was able to find one piece of info, but it was something I already had, however, it might lead to other discoveries, so I photocopied it.

Tomorrow I'll be going to some seminars dealing with various aspects of genealogy and they will be a bunch of displays by companies that deal with all things genealogical. Is it me or does the word genealogy just look wrong, like its mispelled. Its not, I double checked, but it just looks funny to me.

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thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

I once stayed at a decent Days Inn. So later I stayed at another.

I'll never go back.

Hope yours is better than that last one.


Still, the conference should be good, and I'm glad you made it there safely.