Monday, January 23, 2006

Full Throttle Steelers... to win Superbowl XL!

Today was a good day.
Its time clip some Seattle Seahawk wings!
I'll be waving my Terrible Towel something fierce next Sunday.


Fear this man "THA WHEELS ONNA BUS GO ROUND AND ROUND... ROUND AND ROUND... ROUND AND ROUND..." He's hungry... its time...

And this guy... he's every where; (I think he's a cat..


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my journal. I have to admit that I'm mainly a Steelers fan by association (my boyfriend grew up in Pittsburgh during the glory years of the late '70s), but I am a tried and true lifelong Mets fan! And I didn't realize that there were Mets fans in Indianapolis - good to see Midwesterners with some sense!! :) Nice to see other Lutheran/LCMS bloggers out there, too. Thanks again for stopping by, and LET'S GO STEELERS!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good day for you, maybe. I had to watch Carolina get housed.

Anonymous said...

They really did get housed. Sorry, dude. :( If it makes you feel any better, I'm also an Eagles fan... *sigh*