Sunday, January 08, 2006

Quiet Contemplation

There is something incredibly satisfying about lying in bed on a Sunday morning, listening to the sound of nothing. Its just me and the cat and the cat is sitting by the window looking out. I lie in bed with a pillow over my eyes listening to nothing, praying here and there, but mainly just reflecting about who it is I am and how I became that way. the cat meows softly to the window, a bird, or something must have caught his attention. i roll over, breath deep and sigh, pull the pillow away from my eyes to look at the time. I still have some, so I can continue to lay in bed and contemplate whatever it is I want to contemplate. The pillow goes over my eyes again, that sweet, soft darkness and a deep breath again. This is comfort and peace, I need this right now. This is cleansing to me right now. The world is out there and I am safe. The world is just as I am, but right now, these few minutes before I rouse myself I and The World don't mix, nor see eye to eye. This is almost meditation. Its not laziness, it is preperation a mental reboot and cleaning. I check the clock, again. Its time, now to face the world. I don't want to, I'd rather stay here, but I can't. My week's worth of Old Adam needs to be cleaned. I need spiritual renewal. That's just as important as physical renewal through sleep and relaxation.

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