Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Thank GOD! to Anger @ the News Media

It is 129 am. I just saw online and then confirmed via CNN that 12 our of 13 miners were found ALIVE in West Virginia. Prayers answered!

I wrote the above sentence last night just before bed. I was thrilled! Amazing! I went to bed with a heavy heart that one miner had died, but was exalted by the fact that 12 had lived, but then, I woke up this morning turned on the television to see some news and the news was a 180 degrees different than last night. 12 dead, one alive. My hear broke for those families that had been given false hope and "my nose flared" at the media.

In this world of instant gratification and in your face news reporting the littlest nugget of news suddenly becomes the truth. There is no time to check facts, just go with it.

I feel like throwing something.

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