Saturday, January 21, 2006

Leather Chair

Two weeks ago I bought a leather chair. I have a small "bookroom" that doubles as an extra bedroom when we have company. My bookroom is one of my favorite places to be. When I have had a stressful day or just need to think something through I find myself going in there and perusing my books. I have had a variety of chairs in there and there is a bed that is against the wall that has a multitude of pillows on it so it has kind of turned into a defacto sofa, of sorts, but the chairs that I have tried in there and the "sofa" have never really done much for me. So, two weeks ago I decided to look into a good reading chair.

I have always jonesed for a leather chair. When I was looking at colleges I remember going into a professors office and seeing a nice big comfy leather sofa and I was instantly smitten by the idea of having an office with a leather chair in it (I don't remember exactly which school it was, but I think I might of been Con-You Bronxville). I didn't end up going to Bronxville (for a variety of reasons) but the idea of a leather chair stuck with me.

I finally found a chair (and ottoman) that fit my budget and purchased them from one of the local department stores. The chair and ottoman arrived yesterday and I sat in it pretty much all day reading. It is wonderful. My "bookroom" is offically complete (only took three years).

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