Sunday, January 22, 2006

Blue Faith

Sunday morning, 9:41 to be exact. I've been reading and drinking my second cup of coffee. The book I've been reading in my my new chair and listening to a Charlie Parker cd. The cd choice seems appropriate for the book I am reading: Blue Like Jazz. I have had about three or four people in the last couple weeks tell how good the book is. The topper was earlier in the week when a girl I know who is going to school at the University of Nebraska told me how much she liked it. I had called her to chat and tell her I was sending her a book (Confederacy of Dunces) and then we started to talk about books. I broached the subject about Blue Like Jazz and asked her if she had read it, she said she had and was surprised when I admitted that I hadn't. I'd picked it up a couple times and read the first couple pages, but never really sat down and got into it. I bought it last night.

It is interesting to read because my own thoughts and feelings about faith can "dig" on what he is saying in the book. I don't think I have had what I can characterize as a "mountain top experience" in my Christian faith, but I have a couple of very strong "sublime" experiences where I truly felt the presence of God in the midst of everything.

I don't agree with everything Don Miller has written theologically, but I don't think that this that kind of book. It is not appologetics, it is a faith story. I'm not sure that faith stories have room for apologetics. Maybe they do. But I'm sold on that idea as yet. I think I've talked around my faith story and given some clues into it, but I'm not sure I have ever really written it down here, might have, but if I dd it was a long time ago. As I read this book I found myself thinking more abot my own faith life and story. Its not that exciting, but it is very personal. I've shared with people before (mainly teenagers who are not quite "there" and are searching for something).

Right now, though, I need to get ready for church. I need that faith fill-up.

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