Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How Far Down the Rabbit Hole I've Gone... Criterion Will Be My Death

What follows is the list of Crition Collection DVD's I have thus far. I don't have many vices, but it seems that purchasing expensive(but worth every penny)dvds is one cross I'll have to bear... could be worse, I suppose.

1-Grand Illusion
2-Seven Samurai (reissue)
3-Lady Vanishes (reissue)
4-Amarcord (reissue)
7-A Night to Remember
8-The Killer
9-Hard Boiled
11-Seventh Seal (Reissue)
24-High and Low (Reissue)
29-Picnic at Hanging Rock
35- Diabolique (Reissue)
37- Time Bandits
38-Branded to Kill
39-Tokyo Drifter
41-Henry V
44- Red Shoes
52-Yojimbo (reissue)
53-Sanjuro (reissue)
54-For All Mankind (reissue)
56-The 39 Steps
63-Carnival of Souls
64-The Third Man (reissue)
75-Chasing Amy
76- Brief Encounter
93-Black Narcissus (reissue)
97-Do the Right Thing
108-The Rock
110-M. Hulot's Holiday
111-Mon Oncle
112-Playtime (reissue)
118- Sullivan's Travels
131-Closely Watched Trains
140-8 1/2
157-The Royal Tenenbaums
174-Band of Outsiders
175-Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
176- The Killers

185-Five Films by Francois Truffaut
(5--400 blows)
186--Stolen Kisses
187--Bed and Board
188--Love on the Run)

196-Hiroshima Mon Amour (reissue)
197-Night and Fog
213-Richard III
The Rules of the Game
219-La Strada
230-3 Women
233-Stray Dog
234-Tin Drum (reissue)
249-The Battle of Algiers

250-John Cassavetes: Five Films
253-A Woman Under the Influence
254-Killing of a Chinese Bookie
255-Opening Night
256-Constant Forge)

265-Short Cuts
268-Youth of the Beast
269-Fighting Elegy
281-Jules and Jim
286-Divorce, Italian Style
288-F for Fake
289- Hoop Dreams
293-The Flowers of St. Francis
298-Gate of Flesh
299-Story of a Prostitute
300-Life Aquatic
304-The Man Who Fell to Earth
306-Le Samourai
314- Pickpocket
315-Shoot the Piano Player
319-The Bad Sleep Well
322-Mr. Arkadin: AKA Confidential Report
333- Fists in the Pocket
334-Harlan County, USA
335-Elevator to the Gallows
336-Dazed and Confused
349-Kicking and Screaming
350-Seduced and Abandoned
351-The Spirit of the Beehive
374-Bicycle Thieves
376-49th Parallel
378-Fires on the Plain
379-The Burmese Harp
380-Naked City
384-Vengance is Mine
396-Ace in the Hole
409-Days of Heaven
413-Drunken Angel
414--Two Lane Blacktop
421- Pierrot Le Fou
437- Vampyr
439- Trafic
441- The Small Back Room
450- Bottle Rocket
452- The Spy Who Came in From the Cold
453-Chungking Express
470-Wise Blood
475-The Friends of Eddie Coyle
488-Howard's End
489-Monsoon Wedding
490-Wings of Desire

500- Roberto Rossellini's War Trilogy
(497- Rome Open City
499-Germany Year Zero)

501-Paris, Texas
505-Make Way for Tomorrow
521-Mystery Train
523-Night Train to Munich
535-Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
537-The Magician
540-The Darjeeling Limited
541-The Night of the Hunter
543- Modern Times

America Lost and Found: The BBS Story
545-Easy Rider
546-Five Easy Pieces
547-Drive, He Said
548-A Safe Place
549-The Last Picture Show
550-THe King of Marvin Gardens

555- Sweet Smell of Success
562- Blow Out
565- The Great Dictator
591-12 Angry Men
599-Vanya on 42nd Street
600- Anatomy of a Murder
608- Harold and Maude
619- Le Havre
625- Eating Raoul
647- On the Waterfront
649- Ministry of Fear
651- Badlands
654- Repo Man
667- Seconds
670- To Be or Not to Be
671- La Cage Aux Folles
704- Riot in Cell Block 11
721- Love Streams
725- Eraserhead
733- La Dolce Vita
736- It Happened One Night
738- Tootsie
748- Watership Down
764- Fisher King
765- The Black Stallion

Janus Films

Paddle to the Sea
The Red Balloon
White Mane


Series 5-The First Films of Samuel Fuller
(I Shot Jessie James
The Baron of Arizona
The Steel Helmet)

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