Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Catchin Up

Suddenly the Indianapolis Colts, the darlings, nay, angels, of the Indianapolis profelssional sports world arent't so high and mighty and perfect. It seems that Dominic Rhodes, running back, had a wee bit too much to drink the other night, decided to get behind the wheel and drive hell-bent-for-leather and got himself pulled over and charged with DUI. He was released on his own recognicence yesterday afternoon, after, I'm sure, he was all sobered up. Ah, well...

Hoosiers are cautiously optimistic about the weather right now. The deep freeze we had has snapped and the thermometer is sitting upwards around the 45 degree mark. The snow that is covering the ground is quickly recededing into puddles and mud. I saw cautiously optimistic because high school basketball sectionals are just around the corner and, if I have learned anything in my four years living in the land of Hoosier-dom its this: high school sectionals equal ugly icy weather. So, I expect one more go around. Hopefully tempetures won't reach to he nether regions of zero degrees...

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue came out recently. That's exciting. Not necessarily because of the scantily clad women, wich I'll admit is not necessarily a bad thing, but, more importantly, that means that baseball is right around the corner. I always feel a bit out of sorts between football and baseball season. I'm not what you would call a huge fan of basketball (though I am going to an IU game in Bloomington this evening). I enjoy basketball, but I don't follow it. Basketball is something to "tide" me over till baseball season.

I am reading a couple of books at present. They are the result of one of the classes I'm taking this semester: Seminar on Intellectual Freedom. An interesting class. I am reading the newest Newberry Award winner (see previous post for this) and another book called Manga: Sixty Years of Japanese Comics. Later on in the semester I have to debate with another student as to why or why not this book should be banned from a library, or removed (the more PC term). I believe I have been given the "keep it on the shelf" angle. Another reason I'm reading it is because of what I at work. I am the "fiction lead" or "fiction supervisor" at my store and Manga falls under that heading. In the interest of learning about what I sell, I decided that it would be a good idea to read about it. I've tried to read Manga, but I just can't get it. I don't know why. I figure if I could read Hebrew (please note the past tense on that) I should be able to at least be able to muddle my way through Manga, it reads the same direction, but its not quite that way. So, I leave Manga to the teenagers.

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thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Is Manga at all like Jenga?

I've always wanted to play that game!