Sunday, November 06, 2005

Wind Blown Church Service

We had an interesting church service this morning. We had no power. We had big rain and wind storms last night here in Indiana. If you've seen the news at all you've probably heard about the tornadoes that blew through Evansville (what was it we used to say Con-you... "Go Tornadoes! Treat 'em like a trailor park...")and blew away a manufactured home park. They say on the news that in Kentucky and Indiana there are 16 dead.

We just experiecned some heavy rain and big winds. It was enough to knock the power at church. So they used a piano for music. It was actually a pretty nice service. Very relaxing, almost too relaxing actually-- I found myself struggeling to stay awake. It was very calm. This is one of the few times I've actually seem Missouri Synod Lutherans willing sit in the front of the church (that's where the windows are).

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