Monday, November 28, 2005

My Dilemna

Indianapolis Colts


Pittsburgh Steelers

Here's my dilemna... I live juuuuuuust south of Indianapolis. 12 miles south to exact. I live in what is called a "donut county" of Marion County (where Indianapolis is located). I have been a Steelers fan since I was just wee Disgurntled World Citizen. I should hope that the Burr will be rootin for the Steelers...

Go Stolts!


1 comment:

dave said...

Karl, as the 3rd quarter winds down, it looks like like the end result is going to resemble the layout in your post--Colts on top. Perhaps you should have put the Steelers on top! ;p

What do you think are the chances of seeing a rematch later this year in the playoffs?