Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Whew... That Was a Close One

This a thing I never want to see directed at me: Bill Cower giving me that look. Huh-uh, nope. I think I might dieI certainly hope that Scott, who writes Burr In the Burgh is happy, I'm thrilled... tired, but thrilled. Mah, Stillers won, but barely.

I think I just about had a heart attack as I watched the Greatest Team of All Time come within a cat's whisker of losing to the Baltimore Ravens! We can't have that!
I sat in the living room waving my Terrible Towel over my head.(More Terrible Towel) Quietly rooting for my team so I didn't wake anybody up. It was more like a quiet sportsprayer... and the football gods came through.

Next week: The Colts take on the The Evil Empire in New England. This will be a big game for them, the Colts and especially for Peyton Manning, he has some serious monkey-on-the-back issues with this team. I will be rooting hard for the home team next week. The problem, though arises a few weeks hence when the Colts and Steelers clash on a Monday Night. I've been a Steelers fan since I was but a lil Loofrin... I moved to Indiana just about four years ago and I have been rooting for the Colts ever since. Its just not fair I tell you. Its just not fair.

But I'll worry about that later. Right now, I'll just savour the Steelers one point win over the Ravens. Yes, indeed.

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Josh said...

It has been said by a former player that when a normal person looks at you, he looks into your eyes. When Bill Cower looks at you, he looks into your soul. Sort of scary/creepy.