Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I Have to Fill this Space Wit Sumpin, I 'Spose

I originally had the "what movies have you watched" thing-a-ma-jig here, but when I put it in my blog it messed it up, so I deleted it and, as a result I had a blank space with a date. Now, we can't have that can we?

I was reading Acts yesterday afternoon. And I read about Peter getting sprung from prison by *insert ominous music* An Angel of the Lord. (Acts 12). I just started to chuckle as I pictured Peter banging on Mary's door trying to get in. From what I understand Peter did not stand tomfoolery very well. I imagine him knocking gently at first and then as the people inside refused him admittance he didn't just knock on the door, but full fisted it. I can even imagine him muttering curses under his breath. For some reason I just found this whole thing to be funny.

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