Monday, September 12, 2005

Still Hurts, Four Years Later

"What was September 11th?"
-- a young cousin of mine

This is an amazing link filled site dealing with all things September 11th. I snagged this from Big Dan the 'fessional Lutheran.

I just finished watching the movie about Flight 93. The flight that crashed (actually, was flown into) the ground in Shanksville, PA. I think that was the first time I have actually had tears in my eyes since 9/11/01. The last time I remember being choked up was watching the second tower come down, and seeing the big antenna fall straight down, pancaking the floors below.

I was already keeping an internet diary back in 2001. This is that last post I wrote before the world changed. Here is the first entry in a new world, a world insane. Going back and reading entries like thisone brings it back. Sometimes, if I see a picture of it or think about what happened I pause, I wouldn't believe it if i hadn't seen it. This entry still makes me feel good. And this one is the realization that nine one-one will forever mean more than an ambulance. If you only read one link from this read this one.

In one of the grad classes I am taking this semester I have to do an anotated bibliography on a topic of my choice. I'm seriously thinking about doing it on all the books, movies, and articles I can find on 9/11. The reason is the above quote. My cousin who was, I think, maybe, one or two in 2001 asked her mother that question. I almost take for granted that everyone knows what 9/11 means, heavens, we hear that phrase and read it almost daily in the newsmedia.


I think I like this one even better:


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