Monday, September 19, 2005

Hooo, Boy

Well, ladies and gents, it looks like yours truly, the Disgruntled World Citizen (aka Loofrin) will be hosting the Loofrin Carnival on October 2, that is if Dan tha Man from over at Random Thoughts of a Confessional Lutheran got his dates right. I'm actually looking forward to this. So start thinking and writing about some good Loofrin topics. I'm thinking maybe I ought to put a topic down, seeing how we'll be celebrating Reformation Day on Oct. 31'st (I take that day off from work... its a religious holiday... I drink beer that day).

Maybe a topic worth writing about is "Why I'm a Lutheran." But it won't be a requisite to write about that. Of course, my hosting is a couple weeks away... I guess we'll see.

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