Sunday, September 04, 2005

I got an email from a Con-You friend of mine (and fellow Behnken boy) Big-Sean Reeves. That's the Revrund Big Sean Reeves to you, suckas. Anyway the Rev Reeves told me that Brandon was okay (which I knew already, but didn't mind reading, again). He also told me that Nare, another guy that I knew, but not real well, from Con-You who went to Ft Wayne Seminary, hadn't been heard from as of the other day. I'm sure that has changed. I should probably drop Doc Duder a line, he'd know. Nare (pronounced Nar-ee) is a pastor in downtown New Orleans. His church is probably gone-gone, but I don't know that for sure.

I have heard, but again can not varify, that the LCMS has said to teachers (I haven't heard this about pastors as yet) "so sorry, no school, no teach, no pay and that, if there is a position for them somewhere in Spring they'll will let the teachers know. I certainly hope this is false. I hope, and pray, that LCMS is more caring than that.

This whole hurrican thing has really highlighted a conversation I had a long time while cleaning firepits with the Rev. Most High Paul Goeke (who is now a for real Rev down in the "holy lands" of Texas-- and I don't mean that Texas is Holy, there is a heavily Lutheran part of Texas that is called "the holy lands..." never mind). As we dug out a particularly ugly and charcoal filled fire pit we started talking about how we as a nation, had become so dependant on electricity and modern creature comforts. He, the Rev Most High, postulated that we had lost our survival instinct. I'd say the survival instinct is strong, but the creature comforts, well, yeah, that is an understatement. We have become so dependant on phones and even email that we become almost unreachable without either. The thought process doesn't quite work here in words as it did in my brain when I was thinking about it.

I'm going to get in contact with Brandon in the next day or two and find out how things are going. I'll keep this blog updated on his situation.

Blessings to all.

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Sherrah said...

I saw Nare walking around on campus last Friday. Didn't get to talk to him...but he was here.