Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Keyword Search Ministry

Recently, I put a webtracker on my blog just to see who comes to my blog and see what they do when they are there. I didn't know this when I did it, but there is also a section that records key word searches that end up at my blog. So far there have been four keyword searches that have lead to my blog. The first three had to do with empty gas tanks, I had to chuckle at that, I just found the funny, but I'll admit that I found it very interesting, too. I didn't know that there were, I think they're called Spiders, traveling through this site. Then there was this one that came today. They came through Ask Jeeves and the search string they used was this: "why did jesus christ take my place on the cross?" here are the hits that were generated by the query. What's funny is that I don't even remember writing the post they referenced there. I hope it helped. I really do.

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Josh said...

This is so scary to me. I had no idea the computer could know all this stuff about who has been visiting websites.Now people are going to be able to find out how many times i go to Michael Moore's website for my marching orders.