Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Lutheran Carnival

Well folks, yours truly is the host of Lutheran Carnival VII on October 9th, the post date will be (at the very latest) Sunday October 11th-- I'm going to have to fit in the Carnival with school work and "book-pushin."

Now, for those of you who haven't seen the Lutheran Carnival click here to dig on it. That said, if you think you'd be down with sending an entry there are some "guidelines" for entries we have to follow, and Dan over at Random Thoughts of a Confessional Lutheran has had to "tweak" the guidelines a bit. Since I work retail, I'll probably have to work the closing shift on 10/9 so feel free to get those entries in early so I can read them and get them worked on.

Well, have fun and happy writing. I'm looking forward to reading the entries.


Anonymous said...

Loof - thanks for your comments a few posts ago. You got it.

I am trying to get back into writing again. It is hard to know what to say on my blog. How do you choose what to write?

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I have been struggling with fear over the past year. It has seeped into so many things. I long to write but I am afraid. The longing to speak outloud somewhere is getting stronger than the fear. I think the post about the baby in some ways was a begging of me speaking again. Or a least I am choosing it to be. I have to be more anoymous npw because of my job - that is why savannahb is resurfacing. sb

MD said...

This is funny (not ha ha) but I just had no idea things like this existed on blogs. What you discover when you get bored. I had to laugh a little when you said subscribe quia to the Confessions ... I was under the impression (and obviously very false) that only seminary students and ordained guys actually used words like quia and quatenus in relation to the Book of Concord.