Tuesday, September 21, 2004

You're Not Going to Like This Post

I've been sitting here the last couple days trying to figure it all out. I mean everything. Everything. Everything. Everything. And I haven't been able to figure out anything, period, but that's not new. Indeed, not. Nope, not new at all.

I heard on the television that Iraqi insurgents beheaded another American today. If they are trying to make fear them their doing a piss-poor job. I'm getting angry and thinking maybe we need MORE military action in Iraq. Here's the thing that really gets me: they say, on the news, that video was released on a "militant webpage." How do these newscasters find out about that? Does some one email them thusly:
Greetings in the name of Allah. We have beheaded another one of your imperialist dogs. For great footage go to www.ofwiththeirheads.com

The next question is this who's the sorry sap that has to click on the link and see it? Anyone want to guess how long it will take before one of these 24-hour newscast will either by accident or on purpose or perhaps accidently-on-purpose show one of these decapatations.

Cowards. Hiding behind their heavy black scarves and head coverings while shouting anti-Ameircan slogans and threatening unarmed workers. It is my sincere hope that when the cowards die they are sent to hell and are forced to have sex with 72 old, used up prostitues with festering sores and herpes.

Here maybe this'll lighten up the mood. I snagged it from Allah hisself. Cheers:

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