Tuesday, September 14, 2004

World gone mad

Today Laura Bush, our esteemed First Lady, came to Indianapolis for dinner. More importantly she came to Indianapolis for a fund raising dinner. Here's the catch, I could of eaten dinner with Mrs Bush. Really I could of, but well for one itty bitty problem. I don't have an extra 25k just laying around. You read that right 25,000 dollars (actually that was per couple) to eat dinner with the first lady. I'm going on record here to say this: I've never paid fifty bucks for a single meal let alone 25,000. Now, before you all start screaming and saying "See, see! Lookit that!" Let me say this: "John Kerry would of done the same thing. Or maybe he would of just asked Teresa Heinz-Kerry for a loancheck. I don't know and I reall don't care. I found it amazing that anyone would be willing to pay that much for dinner, period.

In other news, this:
. It seems that a father's rights organization member decided he wanted to give his organization some publicity. So he dressed up as Batman, scaled a fence (an iron gate), climbed up a wall, and took residence on the Royal Porch of Buckingham Palace. He seems to think that British courts are unfair with visitation and custody rights for fathers. Hmm, I dunno about you, but seeing that bloke up there makes me think that maybe, just maybe the Brits have something there. Here, read it for yourself. A world gone mad I tell you.

Sometimes I think that R.E.M. got it right when they sang "Its the end of the world as we know it..." and then went on to ask the question "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" Really, I find myself just staring at the world and asking myself "what da fuck...?" Or maybe, even Areosmith had it right when they sang "Something wrong with the world today... I don't know what it is." Yeah, indeed.

Another tid-bit I saw on the news today: some guy was involved in a highspeed chase. He slowed down, opened his door, and set a baby carry down in the middle of the road. Closed his door and then roared off again. He was killed minutes later after he lost control of his car. Meanwhile, police scrambled to get the car seat (which contained a baby) out of the middle of the road before someone hit it. Speaking of cars hitting something:

On Saturday I was a half-hour late to work. On Route 69 north (headed towards Ft. Wayne) someone had lost a mattress they were carrying. It fell off the back of their truck or something to that effect. Needless to say, there was a mattress in the middle of the goddamn road. Cars swerved and missed the mattress. Well they did, except for one: a Lincoln. The guy driving that car didn't see and couldn't do evasive action fast enough to miss the mattress. He ran over the thing and as a result was stopped dead in the road. Meanwhile a pickup truck going approximate 60 miles an hour slammed into the back of the Lincoln that was stuck on top of the mattress. You can put two and two together, I'm sure. Needless to say they closed down 69 north. Which then caused the on ramp from 465 north to 69 north to be closed. That caused a backup on 465 (in which your humble narrator was afflicted). Its no fun being late for work and not going any faster then four miles an hour. It is truly frustrating. That's when I thank my lucky stars for NPR or a good cd. It helps pass the time. I got to work, eventually.


rebekah said...

oh people are nuts. and traffic sucks. talk to you later (i hope)

Sarah said...

wow, that sounds like an interesting ride to work -- i can't believe a mattress can stop a car like that.