Saturday, September 25, 2004

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What's happening to Indianapolis? Two cops have been killed in the line of duty in the last six weeks. One, Officer Timothy Laird was killed by a high-powered rifle shot to the neck early in the morning about five weeks ago. He was responding to a call of a man armed and dangerous. The man had killed his mother and was armed with a very high powered rifle. The man was killed by police.

Yesterday, at Butler University, a private university on the north side of Indianapolis a campus police officer was shot and killed. His killer was killed shortly afterwards.

Indianapolis has seemed to me to be a little bubble against the outside world. They have their typical metropolitan problems: stretched budget, school problems, trying to keep their football team. But its still a pretty safe place. I feel very safe walking around downtown. I haven't had any problems, and even the "bad areas" aren't that bad. Its just a bit shocking to read about two police officers' deaths. Its not something one expects in a city like Indianapolis.

It makes me sick. Absolutely disgusted.

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