Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Your Narrator Smiles & Claps for Joy

I have always contended that there is no such thing as "six degrees of seperation" in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. No, its more like three degrees of seperation. Case in point: Rev. Lehmann: I don't know him personally, not yet at least, but I know who he is. And he is the new pastor at the church my father served at from 1986-1995, in Accident, Maryland.

I grew up in Accident. I went from middle school through sophomore year of college in Garrett County. A case can be made that Accident is what made me who I am today.

I look forward to meeting Rev. Lehmann face to face in the very near future, most likely at his installation service.

It is with much prayer and joyful tidings that I welcome Rev. Lehmann to my childhood church.

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ds said...

Accident. isn't that what gets most of us here?