Friday, April 25, 2008

In Which Your Faithful Narrator Muses About...

My father's headstone is being placed this weekend. So, he is no longer in an unmarked grave. Hopefully, my mom and I will be able to get to Accident, MD in the very near future to see it and plant/lay flowers.

I have had too much coffee today. I'm a little jittery and a bit jumpy. I asked for the wrong sized coffee at the BN Starbuck's cafe. I wanted a grande, but I asked for a venti. That's a bad idea. So now I have a venti sized coffee coursing through my veins and my brain is wired. I'm a bit a jittery. Its okay, though, because I'm doing my little weekly shift in the Law Library and it can pretty quiet here, particularly now. All the wanna be lawyers are studying their collective brains out, its finals time. Good for them. Better them than me.

Its a beautiful day here in Indiana. One of those days that one wishes for in the middle of December or January when its been gray for six weeks and the ground is not only frozen solid, but covered with a thick layer of iced over snow. Yes, this is one of those days that gets we who dwell above the Mason-Dixon Line cherish above all others. This is the kind of day that makes those cold, dreary days of winter worth it.

I walked around today in shorts and sandals for the first part of the day. I went to Lowes with my mother to get gardening things (mulch and topsoil and a few plants, a new rake and shovel). That will be the task for Monday, hopefully it won't too much this weekend.

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