Sunday, April 29, 2007


This morning I was awakened, around 830-ish my dad telling me that he was going to hospital because he had had some "tightness" in his chest during the night and had taken over the course of the night four nitroglycerin tablets. They helped aleviate the tightness, but his doctor had told him that if he had ever had to take more than two he should get to the hospital. He thought the doctor meant two in quick succession, but not over the course of 8 hours. But, he and my mom decided that it would probably be for the best to at least him looked at. So, we went to the emergency room of St. Francis Hospital. It is a brand new hospital and is considered to be one of the best in the state and its also not too far away from our house (an added bonus).

He was taken into the ER and promptly hooked up to monitors that buzzed and beeped and made neat little lines that went up and down on their screens.

He is fine. Let me get that out of the way. There is no need to worry, but the doctor decided to keep him for observation. They are also going to run a sleep test to make sure he doesn't have sleep apnea. Which, he may have.

The room he is in a suite. Its gorgeous. Has a nice big window that he can look out, a little Philips flat-screen tv, among other amenities. This is a rather new hospital facility, its much nicer than the other St Francis hospital complex he's been in. Much brighter, big hallways, and no scary corners. *chuckles*

He was in good spirits.

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