Friday, April 13, 2007

Darn That Dream

I am in the law library right now. We are on extended hours which, in fact, means nothing more than staying open one hour longer so the baby lawyers can get studying in. The irony of it all is this: I don't think there is anyone in the library but me and my coworkers. So, I sit here at the circ desk reading blogs and listening to my iPod with one earbud in my right ear, the other lays limp by my chest. I've been listening to my iPod on "shuffle" for the last few weeks. I've gone through a little more than half of the songs I have on it. Right now the song playing is "Darn That Dream" by Miles Davis. I find some irony in that title, but I'm not sure why. Why am I finding irony in so many things lately? Is that in and of itself ironic?

I was talking to a professor I had a couple semesters back. She is 70 years old, looks about 60, if that. Her husband last summer after a long battle with cancer. They had been married for fifty years. She informed me today that she is getting remarried! To a guy who was a friend of her husbands and whom she has known for over 40 years. They are getting married in Vegas next month and then moving to California. I wish you could of seen her as she told me about it. She was so happy and joyful. She is my favorite professor I've had during my time here. I'll miss her. I honestly can say that if I hadn't had her as a professor I doubt very much I would of gotten through this.

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thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

I'm just glad she waited until you were almost done with your degree to leave. :)

Darn that Dream is ironic, yes. Which is precisely why it makes so much sense.