Friday, April 20, 2007

An Amalgamation

My feet hurt. So I took of my sneakers. I'm thirsty, so I got a cup of water. I am sitting behind circ desk at the library tonight. For some reason my feet just ache. I think I might need to get new sneakers, but I don't know.

I'm kind of tired, too. Been a long week. A long day. I didn't each much today. Actually, that's a bit of a fib. I didn't each much from breakfast to dinner, nothing actually except a couple of really sweet cookies in the late afternoon. My co-worker and I ordered pizza, as usual for Fridays. And I gorged myself on it, as per usual. I didn't realize how hungry I was until I started eating. I wish I hadn't eaten so much so quick. I don't feel sick, but I'd like to just curl up and go to sleep. I could use a Sprite, too. That might make my stomach feel less bloated. That was probably too much information.

I wrote this in the little blog I keep at myspace:

I am tired right now. I didn't sleep real well last night, I had somethings on my mind that I can't fix. But I heard a phrase the other day that I really liked and I've kind of made it my mantra the last day or two: "Lots to think about, nothing to worry about." How true. I could worry about things, but that doesn't do much good. Those things that were keeping me awake are things that will solve themselves, or won't.

I can't wait for this semester to be done. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of the classes and the work I've had to do for them. I've got two classes left and then I am officially done. I'll have my degree and I can see what happens next. That's what I'm really excited about: what's gonna happen next.

Someone asked me a few weeks back what I planned to do once I got my degree. I told them, with a straight face, that I hadn't thought that far ahead, yet. I told them, that when I do plan for things or plan to do something, usually job related, that thing doesn't work the way I wanted it, too, but that the result is usually better for me than it would of been if what I had to happen had. That was a convaluted sentence, but if you parse it, I think you'll get the meaning, or not.

So, I just go about life. Walking along and enjoying the view. And wonder "what's gonna happen next?"


thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

All in time.

jillymae said...

Brooks running shoes (the Glycerin) are my feet never hurt when I'm wearing them =)

and yay for you living in the moment. awesome!