Sunday, September 24, 2006


I did something today that I've never done before. I was an usher in church. I pinch-hit for an usher that had forgotten he was supposed to do readings and help with communion, so, shortly after I sat down I got tapped on the shoulder and was asked if I could fill in. I said "sure." And I got a crash trained-- that is I was given a quick "here's how it goes," it came with a quick diagram and everything. The first task was to take the collection. I muddled my way through that, it looks so much easier to do than it really is. We go every other row and we have to count the people, I was just glad I got through that. Then I had to usher for communion. That entailed being the "gatekeeper." They take 11-14 people at a setting so my partner usher would send em down and I'd keep a running tally, trying to keep families together and not over-fill. I guess it went as smoothly as it can considering I've done anything like that before.

Did I like the experience? Not especially, part of that is because I was unfamiliar with how it goes, but the biggest reason was I was not engaged in the worship service, I was more worried about making sure I was where I needed. I go to churc to worship, not to "work" as it were.

I'll probably do it again, if there is one thing I've noticed that once you get asked and agree to something, its awfully difficult to get out of it. That sounded horrible...

It was alright, a learning experience and certainly was a different view of the worship service. In hind-sight, I think I am glad I did it.


jillymae said...

it's called service, my brother. our pastor always reminds us that you need three legs on a wooden stool to keep it balanced, right? same with our spiritual life - 3 "legs" to keep it balanced: worship, discipleship, and service.

sunday you did the service thing, you served. you helped facilitate worship for others. that's awesome, no matter how mundane and harrowing it seems =) we call our parking lot attendants (need 'em cause we have over 5000 members) parking lot missionaries! because, as you can imagine, some of us need missionaries looking out for us in the parking lot, oh the impatience that shows out at times ;)

Anonymous said...

Jillymae has a point.

Semi non-sequitor: I can't recall the last time I really went to church.

I just realized that.