Friday, September 15, 2006

Why is There a Beer Semi Next Door?

You know its going to be a cool thing when you see a semi-truck pulled into Military Park across the street from the Law Library and there beer taps sticking out of the side all along the side. Thank God for Irish Fest! With that said the guy who walked up to the beer truck and asked "do you have anything domestic" and then was pleased when he received a Coors Light is, in my humble opinion, out of the club. He has given up his right to call himself a beer drinker.

My quarter Irish blood screamed as I listened to Irish music, drank a Harp (or two) "Ireland for the Irish!"

It was a little weird, though, the day for the Irish is in the middle of March, not September.

But there was a beer semi next door so that made it all better.


thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Irish fest here is crazy. Awful crazy. Ditto with "Oktoberfest."

Terrible on both counts for someone like me... who doesn't drink much and doesn't enjoy crowds (unless I'm removed enough to simply observe them).

Still, glad you enjoyed yourself.

jillymae said...

*spoken in my best irish* beer spigots on de side offa truck??? oh, saints be praised!

an' 3 lashes to da half-wit askin for a bloody domestic!!!