Saturday, September 23, 2006

Grey Day

Its a grey, wet day. I wonder if this is what's its like England all the time. Grey and wet and humid and raining. The sun hasn't broken the clouds this morning, as a result the crickets still chirp and whir in the yard.

I have to go to work today and I'd rather just stay home. Its just one of those days that demands a couch and a movie, or a couch and a book, maybe a cup of tea and soft jazz blowing quietly from nearby speakers. I don't feel like sleeping, but I feel like curling up and kind of uppping a white flag for the day. I could use a little sun today, just a bit to brighten up the world.

I've been working on school work this morning. I have be dilligent with that or it will get away from me and I'll have to play catch up and I will never win. With that said, it is amazing to me how much of my course work is done on the computer. My professors post their powerpoint presentations on a secure website, the post extra readings and even have an electronic gradebook they can post our grades in. Its an amazing world we live in. I can't even imagine what it must of been like to go to grad school just a few short years ago without this crazy-funky technology we have now. This is an example of the benefits of technology. I've done whole assignments without leaving the comfort of my living room, which if you saw the parking at IUPUI you'd know was blessing of blessings.

So, I sit here in the kichen, with a spent coffee cup, a small white plate with a smattering of left over sesame seeds from my bagel and empty yogurt cup with a metal spoon sticking out listening the rain patter away on the windows and the musician J. Ralph chill out on the radio. Its peaceful and I need that, its good to be in this place right now. To be quiet and contemplative and mentally curled up on a couch reading.

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