Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Call from Brandon and Other Things

I got a call today from my college friend who is a pastor in the New Orleans area, he is on the west side of that submerged city. His new born baby is doing well. He sent me pictures of her the other day and I emailed back telling him "no more baby porn." The child was nekkid and quite exposed. I didn't need that. I also told him she looked like a defeathered chicken. He laughed and threatened to tell his wife. There is joy in the birth of his daughter, it brings happiness to bad news, his cousin, an N'awlins cop commited suicide last week. He was mentioned in an article the other day in the Wall Street Journal. He left notes behind, but Brandon wasn't too sure what they said and I didn't press.

Brandon's church has serious water damage and will have to be gutted, or maybe rebuilt. His house, he said, is okay, not much damage there. Brandon is not sure when he will be able to actually go back home. He did go back briefly to survey damage. He said to me that he could smell the city fifty miles out. He said it was a combination of rotting flesh, sewage and oil. Brandon also told me that it is hard to really comprehend what happened.

In other news, I'll be hosting the Lutheran Carnival in the next few weeks-- I think its the week of the 18th, I'm looking forward to that, but I know I'll have a lot to live up to and big shoes to fill. The last Carnivals have been great and well done. I'll do the best I can to keep it quality.

I had a great idea the other day, but I don't want to be responsible for setting something like this up. Wouldn't it be boss (an old timey word meaning "cool") to get all the Lutheran bloggers and take a trip to Luther's stomping ground in Germany? We could all meet at St. Louis and fly from there. That would be cool. Okay, there it is, someone run with it.